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Friday, 12th April 2024

The First Ultra Widebody Business Jet

The Falcon 6X is the first ultra widebody business jet, offering ample room for areas of privacy and relaxation, as well as areas for teams to collaborate. It can all be configured to your specific needs to create a flexible working and living space, with a comfort level that will help you accomplish more as you travel farther. The cabin is 12.3 metres long,almost 2 metres high and 2.6 metres wide, with a baggage volume of 4.4 metres.

The Falcon 6X is the first ultra widebody business jet, offering ample 3. The 6X cabin’s contemporary styling features flowing, uninterrupted operating rooms, collect 99.97% of all air particles, filters, found in most hospital intensive care units and system improves air quality even further. HEPA/ULPA to meet the challenges of the day. An advanced filtration your destination, you will feel rested, energetic and ready greatly to overall inflight comfort. When you arrive at times faster than in modern office buildings. This adds quality by tenfold. Cabin air is fully refreshed up to 10 designed to far exceed the required minimums in air The highly efficient cabin air management systems are mood lighting to help them adjust seamlessly to multiple time zones. while providing true panoramic views. Passengers can also control extra-large windows and a skylight flood the cabin with natural light, lines to enhance the feeling of space and declutter the cabin.The Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) commands all flight control connected, productive and competitive for the entire journey. reliable, high-speed broadband solution, FalconConnect, keeps everyone the cabin environment to suit their personal preferences. The highly to use their personal devices for all entertainment functions and to adjust Dassault’s innovative cabin management system, which allows passengers of other Falcon cabins, which are the quietest in the industry. Its auto-trim function eliminates the need for constant pilot input. And flight envelope protection avoids exceeding structural speed limits and stalls. Hazard avoidance is enhanced and go-arounds are easier and safer. Flying a Falcon with DFCS imposes a far lower workload on the pilot more than any other aircraft. 

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