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Friday, 12th April 2024

CEO Bruno Facchetti

Chief Financial Officer
Robert Willcox

Business Development
Tom Scott

Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Smith

Chief Administrative Officer
William Bright


Hugh Coyle

Gianfilippo Versari

Innovation Director
Valeria Borghi

Chief Data Officer
Ben Thompson

Chief Editor
Tom Lloyd

Director of Partnerships and Events
Valerie Bernard

Senior Advisor
Anna Vitiello

Art Director
William Boulton

Director, Creative Development and Programming, Social Media 
George Smith

Social Media Team Manager
Melinda Kelsey

Social Media Content Team
Thomas Pascoli, Marcel Moth, George Red, Patrick Bond, Claire Bertrand, Lio Belle

Scott Barns, Emanuelle Brown

Olga Webberth

Market Research
Ambrogina Filzi

Gabriella Pozzi

Digital Retail Strategy in China
George Mine

Target Match Strategies
Olga Meller, Cameron O’Sullivan, Roberta Schubert

Co-Branding Operations
Nathalie Woolworth

Public Relations
Shane Shelby, Pam Northton, Patrick Buick

Director Audience Development and Analytics
William Chase

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