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Friday, 12th April 2024

ACH135 Helicopter by Airbus

The ACH135, the latest creation by Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH), was built from the need for more reliable, compact and versatile helicopters to carry passengers and cargo across all environments. In short, this helicopter combines elegance, comfort and reliability. As ACH Director, Frédéroc Lemos explained, this is particularly important considering most yachts today are equipped for helicopters. As such the ACH135 was unveiled for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Club this year and received with praise. This particular twin-engine model features the ACH Line interior cabin configuration for the ACH line and a Helionix aviation suite ideal for urban, wilderness and marine environments. The ACH135 boasts improved situational awareness, simpler flight management controls and improved safety. Additionally this model also features a ‘pause’ button allowing pilots to hover, becoming particularly useful in crowded areas or with reduced visibility. Similarly, a ‘hold’ button permits the helicopter to automatically fly to reposition itself in the most appropriate configuration approach to land ensuring automatic engine management, ideal for yacht-based operations.

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