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Saturday, 15th June 2024

X Force 145 by Admiral Yachts

Designed by Studio Dobroserdov Design in collaboration with Arch. Gian Marco Caddy | GMC Design of Turin, X Force 145 is characterized by innovative and elegant style with a very low profile and catchy line that brings out the concept in its entirety. This is not an ordinary design exercise, but a project that finds the evidence base of its naval platform development on the M/v Messina, delivered by the group to the RFI in 2013 and currently serving on the Strait of Messina.

The external profile of this mega yacht along 145 metres is characterized by the continuity of glass surface that ensures a predominance of natural light from the bow where you placed an amazing observatory lodge that provides a breathtaking view, Stern area, where there is a beach club. This area is designed as a convivial and informal, with all the requirements and comfort you’d expect to find on a yacht of this size. There are two main bridge and helipad provides the owner and guests a huge sunbathing area while several lounge areas are distributed over all decks.

The futuristic style but very warm and welcoming interior and Area Beach Club are projected of Gian Marco Campanino respecting the overall design of the yacht: precious materials and finishes combined with innovative layouts, fluidity of space, curved lines, rounded shapes and a wide use of full height glass walls. There are double-height spaces, private balconies inside the VIP suite, indoor gardens and elegant fireplaces
Flagship is the owner’s area that takes up an entire deck with an area of 55 metres in length. Complete interiors, an impressive two-level main dining room, a large hangar for toys and cars, two cinemas and two areas.

See more at: http://admiral-yachts.com

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