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Monday, 20th May 2024

VSS Unity completes second supersonic flight

Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceship, VSS Unity concluded its second test flight this past 29thMay. The spacecraft was carried aloft by WhiteKnightTwo aircraft. The flight succeeded in providing in-depth understanding of the spaceship’s supersonic handling and the performance of its control systems that will eventually feature in commercial flight configuration. The tests included a shift towards the rear of the aircraft’s center of gravity in order to accommodate passenger seats and relevant equipment. As part of the test the motors propelled the spacecraft to a speed of Mach 1.9.

Richard Branson Welcomes VSS Unity Home from Second Supersonic Flight. May 29th 2018.

Richard Branson, present at the tarmac during the test said, “seeing Unity soar upwards at supersonic speeds is inspiring and absolutely breathtaking.” Virgin company founder visited the facilities of The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic’s sister company congratulating the team. “It was great to see our beautiful spaceship back in the air and to share the moment with the talented team who are taking us, step by step, to space,” commented Branson. “We are getting ever closer to realizing our goals. Congratulations to the whole team!”

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