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Monday, 20th May 2024

Ultra high-end Finland adventure

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to spend it where Santa Claus lives? Come experience a traditional Lapland Christmas in Finland: meet Santa in person at the world-famous Santa Claus Village, enjoy the thrill of a dog sled ride and learn about the unique Sami culture at a reindeer farm.

In the northernmost shores of the Gulf of Bothnia lie the towns of Kemi, in an area now known as Sea Lapland. A small town with various services, still offering space, peace and quiet: a unique arctic experiences all-year-round in Sea-Lapland by the Bothnian Bay. The sea with a charming archipelago freezes in the winter time and offers white night magic in the summer time.

There is a direct access to the sea in every season, possibilities of various activities with a special twist like Ice Driving with Lamborgini and Olokolo safaris in the winter time. It is a home to the world’s first ice driving location on the frozen sea.

The world biggest SnowCastle, built annually by the sea and near the Kemi city centre, is amazing Winter Wonderland with restaurant and chapel – all made of snow and ice!

Wake up in Rovaniemi, Lapland (the official home of Santa Claus himself), where you’ll check-in to the brand new Seaside Glass Villas. The hotel with incredible view of the Bay of Bothnia offer a warm, cosy and unique accommodation. These 21m 2 Seaside Glass Villas with small kitchen and bathroom are an excellent choice for ones who want to enjoy the arctic freedom in its best.

Beautiful and quiet place is located next to the SnowCastle´s new location, just a couple of minutes away from the Kemi city centre. Cosy place to snuggle up and enjoy the nature’s incredible light show – the Northern Lights. Experience the Sea, Snow and Ice and get the direct access to the frozen sea with possibilities of various winter activities with a special twist like Ice Driving! Be amazed under the Midnight Sun in the Summer time and enjoy the nature, silence and clean, fresh air on Hiking trip in the Arctic Adventure Island or on a Midnight Sun Cruise to the Islands.

In the winter time you can cross the frozen sea by snowmobiles, Olokolo-nests or taking a Husky or reindeer ride. The total darkness and being away from the city, offers the perfect spot for Aurora Hunting.

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