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Saturday, 15th June 2024

Uber’s Air Taxis Closer to Reality

Bell Helicopter presents a full-scale vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft at CES 2019. Bell Nexus, is an ‘air taxi’ powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system. It features Bell’s signature powered lift concept with six tilting fans designed to efficiently redefine air travel combining transport, technology, comfort and convenience. Back in 2017, Bell teamed up with Uber embarking on the ambitious plan of creating a network of city-based flying taxis. The taxis will be available to commuters thanks to Uber’s novel aerial service set to be operative by the mid-2020s.

“As space at the ground level becomes limited,” explains Mitch Snyder, President and CEO of Bell. “We must solve transportation challenges in the vertical dimension – and that’s where Bell’s on-demand mobility vision takes hold. The industry has anticipated the reveal of our air taxi for some time, so Bell is very proud of this moment. We believe the design, taken with our strategic approach to build this infrastructure, will lead to the successful deployment of the Bell Nexus to the world.”

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