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Monday, 20th May 2024

Trefecta bycicle

Trefecta has introduced a new electric bicycle that is unlike any e-bike you’ve seen. It has an industrial design, meets mil-spec standards, and can hit a top speed of 40MPH, much more than many scooters on the market. The new Trefecta DRT bike doesn’t even hide it that well as its military-spec aluminum frame is as much motorcycle as bicycle. It can be pedalled, but it also has a throttle for pedal-free operation, the latter of which includes a range of more than 60 miles per charge. The Trefecta DRT features a 4kW electric motor, a top speed of 43mph, a cruising speed of 34mph, a range of more than 62 miles when used without pedaling, and a total payload capacity of nearly 353lbs.The use of regeneration during braking helps keep the range high, and there’s fast charging for juicing it up while you’re in class or the office, for example.

Trefecta Mobility, describes itself as a “an international team of Dutch, German and Swiss engineers,” playing the game for a more affluent audience with a really nice piece of high-tech equipment.

The Trefecta DRT is available now for pre-order priced at nearly $25,000 USD/22,500 Euro. That’s the base price, though — if you’re wanting a CNC-machined version with complete customization options, you’ll be looking at more than $36,000 USD.

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