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Saturday, 15th June 2024

Th New Bocconi Campus

Many academic complexes have transformed, from isolated entities, into well-structured spaces related to each other, to the city and to the urban fabric. This is what happened to the Bocconi complex, situated next to the historical centre, that over time became a contemporary complex but still far away from being a real Anglo Saxon-inspired campus. In this perspective, the objective of Progetto CMR was to adjust and renovate the entire city campus paying close attention to the usability of the structure from all the users. The will to enlarge the complex towards the portion of territory of the former Centrale del Latte, a strategic area for logistics, and the consequent coordination of the existing buildings of the area aims at meeting the space and relational requirements concerning educational activities. Interventions will improve the whole area functionally and organisationally while adding value to the existing buildings and to their historical value. Transparency and visibility of the various buildings are the fundamental characteristics of the project. Those will allow a constant connection between the inside of the buildings and
the park around them. Every building has a reduced depth and contains a curvilinear area on the inside. The new campus conveys great agility and transparency. The project also involves the realisation of a recreational sports centre with Olympic-size swimming pool, gyms and fitness centre available to the Bocconi community and to the whole city, and the realisation of three buildings destined for different uses. Among the main objectives, the creation of a solution to the growing residential demand, with a new university residence that can host 300 students and/or visiting professors. The Bocconi Sport Center is structured on four level (in addition to the ground floor which houses the reception). Level -1 is the swimming pool area managed in collaboration with the partner Aquamore, with a 50 metre and a 25 metre Olympic swimming pool. The Olympic Pool, measuring in at 51.5 m (50 m, plus the width of the bulkhead), is equipped with state of the-art technologies including an advanced lighting system and the AngelEye underwater drowning detection system, which uses underwater cameras with efficient LED lights installed along the walls of the tanks to provide high safety standards. Additionally, two lanes in the competition pool have been equipped with the Virtual Trainer, an intelligent LED system that allows swimmers to follow precisely programmed training speeds set by their coaches.

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