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Sunday, 14th July 2024

Private Helicopters Companies in New York

All of the private helicopter companies in NY, offer their clients a variety of program options, designed to meet a number of different needs — from those of the individual traveller to those of the complex corporate travel department. The company can help you analyse your travel requirements to determine the most efficient and effective program for you choosing between charter flights for occasional travellers, hour-cards and corporate rates.

In today’s fast paced world, every minute counts. Whether you’re scheduling time in the boardroom or on vacation with your family, you need to get where you’re going quickly and without hassle. Heliflite, New York Helicopter, Fly Blade and Talon Air Jets are some of the best providing that convenience, allowing you more time to get on with the important things. Their competitive rates and superior pilots ensure that when you book with them, you’re booking the best. The companies will take care of the details on your demand. Whether you’re planning an airport transfer or need to get from your office to a meeting in another location quickly, they´ll get you where you need to be safely and on time. Helicopter transfers are perfect for people that need to travel from the airport into the Big Apple, or for people who need to reach another airport to catch a flight. An airport transfer in NYC via New York Helicopter last a maximum of 12 minutes, and tend to be as quick as 8 minutes. When you need to shuttle between LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark, taking a helicopter shuttle is one of the safest and quickest manners to reach your destination on time, so you do not miss your flight. Some companies have also developed a Private Jet Empty Leg Flight Talon, created a “win-win” proposition with its private jet empty legs program. Some private air charters are one way.  When this occurs so does opportunity. Talon offers greatly discounted rates for clients who do not mind booking a prearranged flight.  Talon recoups some of the cost of flying the aircraft and related expenses and other clients reap the benefit of a discounted flight with the same level of service. Blade, for example has a smartphone application responsible for providing helicopter services, which is very convinient.

For some of the companies the customer experience begins at any of their Lounges. With unparalleled style and service, all of our locations have become iconic in the industry.
For the second year straight, ride-sharing service Uber is coming to the rescue of Hamptons-goers who want to hit the beach in style. The flights are conducted through local helicopter operators. Most of the time the flights are cost-based and include transportation from the local area to the location of the UberChopper in an UberBlack vehicle — the premium option, which includes a licensed chauffeur driving a black sedan or SUV. This time Uber is teaming up with helicopter-booking app Blade to provide “Uber Chopper” rides between New York City and the Hamptons. You can book one of the five-seat copters for a flat rate of $2,500 (apparently a discount from the normal price of $575 per seat). Book your charter helicopter flight and enjoy a hassle-free travel at its finest. No airport parking stresses or fees, no traffic, and less chaotic security screenings. Plus, from the friendly reservation agents to our experienced pilots, they are all there to help make your experience amazing every step of the way. Less time in transit and traffic means more time to get things done. This means you finish your day earlier and move on to the important things that you enjoy. To all of these features you can add the cool factor… Did we mention how impressive it is to show up, well, anywhere in a helicopter?

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