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Monday, 20th May 2024

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Dubbed ‘City of the Future,’ the Paramount Miami Worldcenter has been the buzz in the Miami Real Estate market for the past months. Having recently achieved its final height of 700 feet (slightly over 200 meters), this 60-story skyscraper is defining the city’s skyline.

The building, part of the Miami Worldcenter Complex, which occupies 27 acres in downtown Miami, will become the city’s new retail, residential and entertainment hub. This state-of-the-art residential building with mirrored exteriors features 524 residential units of which 26 are penthouses. The units feature high 10-foot ceilings and outdoor living areas. It is also considered the most heavily amenitized condo, featuring a four-acre urban amenities deck with resort style pools, jogging paths, gardens, villas, BBQ areas, tennis courts and a soccer field. Additional facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with boxing, yoga studio and racquetball courts. Its stern-like Sky Deck has also attracted chatter in recent months with its several lounges, astronomical observatory, infinity plunge pool with 360° views of the city and of course, its Sky Port.

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter has become the first residential high-rise in the US with a rooftop sky-port. Daniel Kodsi, CEO-Developer of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, explains this ‘Jetsons-inspired skyport’ in more detail: “Ever since The Jetsons animated TV program aired in the mid-1960’s, the world has been talking about flying cars.” Residents at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter will be able to come and go to their homes without having to reach the ground floor. “Via a glass-enclosed elevator,” adds Kodsi, “passengers will be lifted to Paramount’s 60th floor Sky-Lobby and they will takeoff and land from its Sky-Port overlooking downtown Miami.”

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is shaping more than just the city’s skyline, it is raising the bar in residential high rise buildings across the globe. Or as Paramount Miami Worldcenter CEO-Developer comments, “we are building for the future now.”

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