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Saturday, 15th June 2024

The leading voice of Luxury

The Survey

A New Renaissance is about to unfold before our eyes so it’s no surprise that LeGrandMag Observatory has retained, at its core, its Italian Soul, choosing Milan as the epicenter of the entire project.

The research started as an in depth analysis of how the iGen perceives Luxury, especially looking its intangibility and connection with the Dream, investigating what is the meaning of “success” for this new generation.The Mission is clear, the path is set and every protagonist is ready to embark on this journey towards new discoveries and the complete overturning of Luxury as it used to be perceived

The research will be the starting point of the Journey, leading to the Journal entries and culminating in the writing of a Manifesto: the iGen Luxury Manifesto. The research, the final chapter of our story, will be revealed to the world during “LeGrand Mag Observatory” Summit


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