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Monday, 20th May 2024

The leading voice of Luxury

The Cosmonauts

The Cosmonauts – the exponents of Generation Z – come of age and approach adulthood with a completely new perspective, were born between the mid-nineties and 2010 and represent a population of about 2.6 billion people worldwide. They will be future leaders and consumers, with the keys for a new understanding of Luxury that we wish to explore and analyze through the research of the Observatory.

The research, based on a worldwide survey conducted through a network of International Academies and High schools, will explore the dimensions that the iGen perceives concerning Luxury and its relationship with concepts such as Success, Money, Career, Love, Life, Wellbeing and many more.

The Stargazers

International writers, art directors, physicians, philosophers, artists, musicians, artisans and cultural icons.

Remarkable representatives from Luxury Brands with a deep and complex Heritage, representing excellence and timelessness.

Professors and Deans of renowned and prestigious educational contexts, from Universities to High Schools, from Business Schools to Artisan Academies.


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