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Sunday, 19th May 2024

The leading voice of Luxury


The journey is a golden opportunity to tackle the unknown and let it all unfold before us, in a journal brimming with great stories. A quieter style of luxury will emerge. The next decade will be one of uneasy affluence, with customers in many parts of the world reverting to less conspicuous forms of luxury.

Brands, Academies and Visionaries will have to be culturally credible and grapple with that fundamental shift in what “luxury” really means, as consumers become more environmentally and socially aware and digital channels become more important as sources of inspiration and purchases.

They will ultimately be the Stargazers of our story, observing calculating and predicting alternatives to deliver a new kind of magic engagement. This however would mean nothing without the Cosmonauts, intrepid space travelers ready to challenge all assumptions and be the pioneers taking the first steps onto the new territories of Luxury.


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