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Monday, 20th May 2024

Louis Vuitton’s Bravery High Jewellery Collection Continued

A vibrant homage to the bicentenary of Louis Vuitton’s birth, the second instalment of the Bravery High Jewellery collection honours the founder’s greatest creation:the trunk and its iconic features. Adorned with a wealth of unique stones, the locks, studs and clasps lend their timeless appeal to twenty exceptional pieces. Together, their sophisticated architecture paves the way for a new language in High Jewellery design. The first chapter of Bravery celebrates the pioneering spirit of Louis Vuitton, who left his hometown in Jura at age fourteen to make his way to Paris on foot. Leading on, this second chapter is dedicated to the fruits of his creative genius. By inventing the flat trunk, the ingenious visionary consequently revolutionised the world of travel.

Francesca Amfitheatrof revives the extraordinary personality of the House’s founder through energetic, playful and colourful designs that draw on the excellence of Parisian High Jewellery workshops and the unparalleled quality of coloured stones and diamonds selected by Louis Vuitton. Lively and dynamic to its core, the collection reflects the House’s DNA and codes with a multicolour twist. Pink and green tourmalines, yellow citrines, blu acquaarines, violet tanzanites…Louis Vuitton showcases more than 100 colourful stones on the Le Multipin necklace, while revisiting its iconic lock. One hundred carats of stones, perfectly aligned into three rows, illuminate an extremely rare 42.42 carat lagoon blue tourmaline. Surrounded by diamonds, the magnificent gem offers a lavish interpretation of the Louis Vuitton trunk closure. It is accompanied by a cuff bracelet set with a 20.67 carat pink oval tourmaline and sixty coloured stones in a range of exceptional hues that bathe the lock of the famous trunk in a shower of light. To complete the family, two pairs of multicoloured tourmaline earrings join a set of four opulent rings, each one centred around a tourmaline, carefully selected for its vibrant shade. For the Le Magnétisme line, the yellow hue of this 20.29 carat cushion-cut sapphire from Sri Lanka captivates the eye. It is the focal point of the Le Magnétisme necklace, which boasts two rows of pink, orange and yellow tourmalines, totalling 152.86 carats of stones. Suspended unmatched quality. On a geometric setting encrusted with diamond pavé, Louis Vuitton showcases a wonderfully pink 1.30 carat Padparadscha sapphire from Madagascar, a dazzling 1.34 carat ruby from Mozambique, a 2.09 carat cerulean sapphire from Madagascar and a rich, vivid green 1.34 carat demantoid Garnet. Luxuriously refined, each ring features intricate detailing, such as studs and angle mounts, evoking the silhouette of the trunk. These pieces can be worn separately or stacked. From a baguette diamond-set V – symbolising both Vuitton and the shape of its trunks’ metal corners – the detachable central sapphire can also be worn separately on a chain. The rectangular silhouette of the iconic luggage is reflected in the framing of the main stone. The diamonds nestled between each tourmaline echo the metal studs on the trunk, resulting in a powerful, flamboyant piece of jewellery, in keeping with the quintessential aesthetic of Louis Vuitton High Jewellery.

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