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Monday, 15th July 2024

Kessel Racing

An extraordinary season is about to close for Kessel Racing, while LE GRAND MAG is going to be printed. The Swiss team asserted itself in all the competitions it took part in. It was a great season in the Blancpain Endurance Series with a double success in the “PRO-AM” and “GENTLEMEN” teams and drivers ranking, which saw the Broniszewski-Bonacini-Rizzoli and the Zanuttini-Gitlin-Talbot crews win the titles in their respective classes. In addition to the Endurance races, Kessel Racing and its drivers were rewarded with the first prize in the GT, the series dedicated to short races. Success did not only characterise the “PRO-AM” teams as it also meant victory for the drivers in the Broniszewski-Piccini crew. They were the real dominators of the season with a series of consecutive wins which opened up the way towards the Grancia titles right from the very first races. More success was to be had in the GT Sports Club, a series exclusively dedicated to gentlemen. This is characterized by five events which once again honoured Michael Broniszewski in the final ranking, while Stephen Earle in the IRON CUP achieved second place by just one point from the winner. Alexis De Bernardi, already on the podium in his first GT3 season, Fons Scheltema, Zanuttini and Price have been the great protagonists of the GT Sports Club.

This season could not have passed without the triumphs in the Ferrari Challenge Europe. In its 24th edition, 2016, it saw the presence of Kessel Racing, as always, with numerous cars in the Shell Cup. After the achievements in the last two seasons with Bianchi’s success in 2014 and Jacques Duyver’s success in 2015, the season which ends in early December with the Daytona World Finals has seen, up to now, the sensational successes of Fons Scheltema in Sochi, while Rick Lovat triumphed in Hockenheim in both races. Indeed, it will be Scheltema and Lovat to determine the title in Daytona, together with Prinoth.

Kessel Racing also showed its competitiveness in the GT Open, the continental series that saw the Swiss team win four GTS editions in the past seasons. In Barcellona, the final round for the series in the 2016 season, Earle and Perel immediately achieved the first AM drivers placement in Race 1. Hence, 2016 ends under the sign of Kessel Racing. It has been a year that testifies, better than any other report, the results that the team is able to achieve thanks to the passion, hard work, talent and sacrifice of everyone, at Grancia and on every track in the world.
A team commitment that is already addressing next season and that has already revealed the first plans to be faced and which will shortly and certainly become the objectives for Kessel Racing.

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