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Saturday, 15th June 2024

In the search for beauty

“Nudity itself in fact can be… boring. But if you put nudes into certain context, if you actually manage to tell a story by means of naked body, that is the kind of photography that I will never be tired of. My photography is not about exposing beautiful bodies, it is about storytelling.”

Szymon Brodziak, a young man, a photographer. His images are always in black and white, always devoted to women, images of beauty and mystery. A Polish man, whose work oscillates between fashion and portrait photography, a set designed with radiant elegance, sometimes of simple situations, causing desire and stimulating fantasy. With a practice steeped in tradition and facilitated by modern technique, he reshapes the old-fashioned to give it new life, in an aesthetic and narrative approach.

In 2016, Brodziak won First Place in fashion category at International Photography Awards, USA and the title of Advertising Photographer of the Year at Prix de la Photographie Paris, France. Szymon is the youngest artist, whose photographs have been exhibited at the legendary Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

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