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Monday, 20th May 2024

Flying over the blue

The Maldives has become a byword for unparalleled beauty envisioned as sun-drenched sandy beaches, surrounded by a dazzling shade of turquoise. With a bewildering choice of island resorts strung across the equator like a necklace, the Maldives encompasses everything from supreme and exclusive luxury to cozy beachside bliss accommodation options. Whether it is a romantic getaway, rejuvenating holiday or family fun in the sun, you will be mesmerized. It is an unimaginable holiday destination is now within easy reach from anywhere in the world. Soaring through the skies towards your destination looking down at one of the last unspoilt places left on Earth is an experience never forgotten. Trans Maldivian Airways is your getaway to the stunning islands. With the world’s largest seaplane fleet, Trans Maldivian Airways takes you from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé to your island holiday destination. Life is about the journey, and this will likely be the most scenic one in your life. Trans Maldivian Airways has become Maldives’ fastest, safest and most convenient means of transport in the island nation and is contributing to the well-being of the local communities in the Maldives.
The Maldives is home to some of the world’s top resorts and whichever one you choose for your Maldives holiday, your senses will be mesmerized, starting already with your seaplane flight over the turquoise seascapes of the Maldives. Over 750,000 passengers per year say this was their most scenic flight ever and a highlight of their Maldives holiday. As ubiquitous as yellow cabs are in New York, no one leaves the Maldives without noticing the seaplane taxis. Albeit impractical to flag down, they are the safest and fastest transportation in the island. These airplanes are flown around the world at locations ranging from tropical jungles to arid deserts, over mountains into the freezing Arctic, the de Havilland Twin Otter, manufactured in Canada, is an example of rugged reliability and safety. Perhaps the best testimony to the timelessness of the Twin Otter is the fact that it remains the largest-selling commuter airplane in the world.
The De Havilland Twin Otter is a highly manoeuvrable, versatile aircraft, and the high winger, unpressurized, twin-engine turbine powered aircraft is ideally suited to operate in all conditions and climates. The versatility of this aircraft makes it perform very well on wheels, skis or on floats. The lattermakes it the ideal aircraft for the 1190-island archipelago of the Maldives. With a fleet of more than 40 de Havilland Twin Otters, Trans Maldivian Airways operates the largest seaplane operation in the world.

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