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Sunday, 19th May 2024

Feeling free and beautiful

With summer comes a bra that demands to be seen – Victoria’s Secret’s Bralette. It promises – and delivers- both sensuality and freedom, and guarantees to make a statement.

Victoria’s Secret knows women better than we know ourselves. Every piece of a VS collection is coveted, craved and desired. This is underwear that women long to own and men long for us to wear. Ironically, Victoria’s Secret was originally set up in 1977 in California to allow men to feel more comfortable buying beautiful lingerie for their wives or girlfriends. But its message resonated with women too.
They already knew that the dressing with confidence – and believing in beautiful – comes from getting the basics right, the underwear. So every time a new style heads out of this hothouse of creative lingerie it always grabs our attention. And when it is labelled Sexy and Free, women around the world are instantly listening. Take Victoria’s Secret’s Bralette Collection.
We are already wondering how we ever managed to live without a bralette – and delight in seeing padding and underwiring consigned to the design dustbin. A bralette is just what we need for those hot summer nights – and days.  Gorgeous colours, cute styles and relaxed comfort. This is athleisure at its prettiest and instantly tapping into our desire for a more relaxed fit compared to the previously popular pushed up or padded confections.
Of course this is not a dramatic revolution and there is no need to burn your old bra – just put them away for winter – as the bralette covers every summer dressing dilemma. Padding is out and bright summer colours and some great shapes are in – racerback, high neck, triangle and scoop neck – everything is possible in the Victoria’s Secret bralette range. If no padding is one step too far, then the lovely, long-line style allows flexible padding. But like its bralette sisters, the long-line is equally pretty and made to be seen.
These bralettes are reluctant to be completely hidden underneath piles of clothing, but are made to be out on show on their own or part of a casually elegant, layered look, perfectly complementing a summer wardrobe. The bralette works brilliantly day or night, smart or casual, creating blended lines in a floaty haze of comfort. Smooth fabric is the key here though, ensuring no messy lines under the lightest of summer dresses, while the popular T-back avoids the issue of how to hide messy shoulder straps. Padded has not been forgotten, but the bralette has already firmly secured its place in every women’s wardrobe. Summer can now begin.

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