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Sunday, 19th May 2024

Chapter 5 – Sustainability

Give time to experience for it to become an important life lesson to add to your heritage.
So far, my journey has been about thoughtful lessons and exciting gifts. I can tell I’ve created a bond with the archetypes met, and I’ve received directions on how to leave a remarkable footprint. In particular, this last encounter had me meditating on the importance of offering something in return, not just expecting it. After all, we all want a little sustain now and then, and we should be ready to be that support.
But let’s go step by step, back to when I landed on the planet n. 4 and met an architect.

As soon as I stepped on the planet, I witnessed a curious conversation between a lady and what I supposed was a construction foreperson. The lady started: <<You need to be faster. We have to leave now. The city is following apart, and the situation is unbearable. It’s no longer safe!>> The manager continued: <<Well, I know. I knew from the beginning this would have happened, but you people didn’t listen. It takes a bit to come up with an efficient solution, and I need the contribution of all of you, or else will end up in the same mess.>> The lady impatiently replied, <<Find a solution as soon as possible, we have little to no time!>> and she left.
I got closer to the construction manager that meanwhile was busy with some papers and a building plan.

I said: << Hi, I accidentally overheard your conversation. What is going on?>> The architect replied with a disheartening tone, << This planet is falling apart, and we need to move as soon as possible elsewhere. I have the project plant, which is going to be a bridge that will connect us to the next planet, no one is living there, but I’m not sure this is the right choice.>> I was perplexed. << What makes you feel this way?>> The architect sighed, << This is a serious breach of professional ethics! As an architect, I should build with the knowledge from the past, for people of today, aiming to sustain the future ones. But ultimately, I failed in my intent. When I was building this city, I’d visioned a town with solid foundations and firm pillars that would have sustained it for the longest; I thought about the beauty of the architectural design that will bring nature and humans together. However, the crowd was complaining about the time that the project would have required for it to be ready, so I chose to listen to them and built something for the present. Quick, powerful, but with no roots. No wonder the city is following apart, and we need to move away. I chose a nonsustainable project, and now the planet won’t sustain us.>>

I was terrified by the story, but I couldn’t see the reasons for being so hard with oneself. After all, pleasing people shouldn’t be a bad thing. I tried to ease the burden: <<Well, you did what will make your people happy. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be the best idea, but still, you did your best. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We can build the bridge together.>>
The architect smiled a little and said, <<The problem is not building a bridge, but rather, not being able to save the planet. I need more time to rebuild the whole town correctly, and changes in habits have to occur. But the population won’t listen to me.>> I thought about a solution, but couldn’t find any, apart from giving my support. << Well, you are the architect! You create, you visualize, so you know better. The inhabitants need to recognize that. I’ll help you build the bridge and take everyone to the next planet while you and the workers think about how to rebuild the town.>> I could see hope in the expression of the architect. <<I’m pleased about your availability, but I need to find someone with an innovative vision who will give a different light to my project plant. Do you think you can find it?>>

We worked thoroughly for the following days: I helped in recruiting workers and announcing the population’s imminent departure. You could sense alliance in the environment, and for the architect, I could tell that feeling supported was a new sensation.
That makes the biscuit! An architect, whose job is to sustain and design buildings for people, has never perceived support by people.

The bridge was build in less than what we estimated, and the people were all prepared to cross it. Everyone had to keep their belongings small; it was vital not to repeat the same mistakes on the hosting planet. The rules were simple for the survival of the whole: make wise choices now that will positively reflect in the future, and always sustain your neighbors.
When I went to give notice of my departure to the architect, I exclaimed: << I’m taking the inhabitants to the next planet, I’ll make sure they are accepted by whoever they are going to meet, and I’ll look for the ideal candidate for your project. You’ll see me soon.>>
The architect touched, replied: <<Thank you for the help. I’ve never met someone with your ability to sustain the cause of a stranger.>> I blushed and said, <<Well, to be honest, you taught me that sustainability is a choice and that you build today with an eye for tomorrow. I think I’ve just learned from you.>> We hugged, and I left.

Crossing the bridge felt like transitioning. I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of this journey, and I can see myself being part of the discussion, giving my perspective.
Tomorrow I’ll start my planet n.5 discovery. It’s a curious place, entirely covered with mirrors.

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