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Wednesday, 25th May 2022


Saint Tropez, 1958

Brigitte Bardot through the lens of Helmut Newton #brigittebardot #sainttropez #cotedazur #riviera #fifties #summervibes #seaview #mediterraneanwayoflife #theextremelywelllivingmagazine #helmutnewton

Eternal Beauty

Celebrating over 50 years of the Pirelli Calendar’s timeless photography

Maria Grazia Cucinotta showcases jewelry by Gerardo Sacco

Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta poses for the cameras with a dazzling jewelry collection by Gerardo Sacco. Gerardo Sacco, Italian jewelers since 1963 are known for the unique designs of their handcrafted jewelry. The collection, ‘Pupi Siciliani’ features traditional Sicilian puppets elegantly arranged in a necklace that adorns the Italian beauty’s neckline. The complete collection includes …

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Art & Photography duo

“We think that we live in an amazing time of huge opportunity for self-realization. There is no dogma, no fashion dictates, you can just be yourself. Loneliness and misunderstanding is in the past. Every person has the opportunity to find like-minded spirits. It turned out that in the world there are many wonderful, beautiful people …

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Anything but ordinary

Nude photography, as well as its creators whose work forms an important component of the world’s photographic treasures, have an irreplaceable value in the history of photography. However, since the beginning of the last century, the genre has undergone a fundamental change: in nude photography the important aspects are not only beautiful curves of the …

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In the search for beauty

“Nudity itself in fact can be… boring. But if you put nudes into certain context, if you actually manage to tell a story by means of naked body, that is the kind of photography that I will never be tired of. My photography is not about exposing beautiful bodies, it is about storytelling.” Szymon Brodziak, …

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Feeling free and beautiful

With summer comes a bra that demands to be seen – Victoria’s Secret’s Bralette. It promises – and delivers- both sensuality and freedom, and guarantees to make a statement. Victoria’s Secret knows women better than we know ourselves. Every piece of a VS collection is coveted, craved and desired. This is underwear that women long …

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