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Sunday, 19th May 2024

Cantine San Marzano, Southern Italian Wine Heritage

In the heart of Puglia’s Primitivo di Manduria DOC region you’ll find Cantine San Marzano, a winery that was established in 1962 when 19 winemakers united to share their passion for wine. With time, Cantine San Marzano has flourished producing a wide range of wines that includes their famed Tramari Rosé made from Primitivo grapes, Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria their full-bodied red produced from heritage vineyards that are over 60 years of age and the award-winning white Edda wine. Under the guidance of their Chairman, Francesco Cavallo, the winery continues in its quest “to make a wine just like our fathers did and make it original and contemporary.” Cantine San Marzano captures the flavors of Italy’s southern territory and the passion of a millennial wine making tradition and combines them to create superb wines of unparalleled quality.

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