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Sunday, 14th July 2024

Business jet cabin design by Samuel Nicz & Slavomír Ozaník

Transport of people from point A to point B is considered to be one of the main objectives of air transport. It is important for passengers to feel safe and comfortable during the air travel. The price of boarding pass and the duration of a flight may play a key role in a choice of an airline, because the passenger will not start to perceive the services, standard and comfort offered by particular airline till the boarding.

The CX 45 concept is designed for a  midsize business jet aircraft, eight passengers can travel non-stop over distances of 5000 km at a cruise speed of Mach 0.80. Nicz & Ozanik have mainly focused on the issues of current cabins, their ergonomics and a psychology of a customer. From customer’s point of view, the aircraft interior is reviewed more than anything else. This project of a civil airliner has pursued innovative solutions particularly in the cabin area.

Special attention was focused on comfort and precisely designed ergonomic cabin block, which focuses mainly on finding adequate solutions for sitting in the cabin. Whole interface, handling, manipulation of seats, controls, storage space and so on also closely relate with this. The CX45 has a modern and spacious cabin with network integrated equipment, special touch controllers for self adjusting comfort zone in your smart seat, regulation of brightness and light of colours for a comfortable travel.

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