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Monday, 15th July 2024

Art & Photography duo

“We think that we live in an amazing time of huge opportunity for self-realization. There is no dogma, no fashion dictates, you can just be yourself. Loneliness and misunderstanding is in the past. Every person has the opportunity to find like-minded spirits. It turned out that in the world there are many wonderful, beautiful people in every sense. We love the modern women. They are free and natural in their choice of a look. Every woman manifests itself in different ways. And we believe that our seeming – is the choice of our soul. And in this world the soul comes to evolve’’.

Beautiful girl-conductor in an bright hall. Stilish photo-collection “Amadeus” by Aleksey&Marina. Dedicated to the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

When Art and Photography is created by two people together, it has a different sort of affirmation. Art has no words, neither a necessary meaning. Talented art duet Aleksey & Marina – photographer Aleksey Kozlov and fashion designer Marina Khlebnikova – from St. Petersburg, Russia, specialise on art photos and aren’t limited with particular topics. They have worked together since the mid-90’s, gradually their model-photographer collaboration grew into a co-authorship of two talented artists.

Photographies for calendars-collection “Dark Room” (2008) by Aleksey & Marina .

In 1989 Alexei Kozlov’s first appearance in mass media was the result of his shining victory at the first National Erotic Photo Pageant, ironically he officially became the first and the last of the great Soviet photographers of this genera. Since 1998 they have been working on the joint project “Photopainting” – Synthesis Photography and Painting. This includes special techniques of processing negative film solutions using acids and dyes known only to professionals.


Photography for promo brand wall calendars by Aleksey&Marina. Special for Aleksey&Marina’s Calendars project.

This technique has received a rebirth in “Photopainting” and has helped to create bright, expensive, very unusual works of art. From 2004, the couple have been engaged in image advertising (fashion, beauty, glamour) photography, including the annual produce some exclusive photo collection for brands promotional calendars. In their portfolio you could find photos of animals, landscapes, and art nude. In the nu genre the duo is working on the edge of eroticism and psychology, that is why their work so attractive. They believe that nudity itself – just anatomic form. A human erotica is in his intellect, feelings and emotions.
In 2011 Aleksey & Marina became the owners of the Grand Prix Trophy Victoria of the 20th international competition Trierenbrg Super Circuit . Dr. Chris Hinterobermaier, the chairman of the iniziative noticed – ”…a photographic couple praised worldwide, earned the prestigious award thanks to their unique ability to combine the requirements of professional photography with the demands of the fine art photography. The reward also a lifetime achievement in helping photography move further towards aesthetic perfection.

Photography by Aleksey& Marina. Photo-collection “Amadeus” for prand promotional wall calendars.

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