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Saturday, 15th June 2024

Anything but ordinary

Nude photography, as well as its creators whose work forms an important component of the world’s photographic treasures, have an irreplaceable value in the history of photography.
However, since the beginning of the last century, the genre has undergone a fundamental change: in nude photography the important aspects are not only beautiful curves of the body modelled with light, not even the object and its artistic transformation; but a feeling of life and ambitiously conceived sophisticated messages. To a certain extent, that includes Lucas Tomaszewski, who through nude photography, is succeeding in expressing the changing lifestyle of his time.
A modern photographer, an illustrator and a professional artist, Lucas was born in Poland in 1980 and began his career as a professional photographer in 2008. Initially, he was interested in nature photography, but with time he realised that people are much more interesting subject.
He reaches various viewers simultaneously by creating interesting and uncommon works.
Drawing his ideas from the classic style of Patrick Demarchelier and innovative and visual appealing images made by David LaChapelle, Lucas, in his work, is able to describe sensuality and delicacy of female body.

Lucas lives in Poland and collaborates with many fashion magazines. Nonetheless, Tomaszewski has positioned himself as a nude portraitist. In his portfolio, there are very intimate nude images, but the young master is gentle and reverent to the subjects of his work. Photographer perfectly retouches images, veiling the most intimate parts using photo filters and brushes in postproduction process. Someone may disagree with his artistic vision, but at times he makes you stop and look at his photos longer than you’ve been anticipating.

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