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Sunday, 3rd December 2023

April 2022

Higher Ground

Born in the Jura region of France, Louis Vuitton was a teenager when he decided to embark on a journey on foot across France to Paris where he would become a legendary master trunk-maker. In honour of his courageous spirit, Bravery is a collection of 90 emblematic pieces that retraces that remarkable saga in a …

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3 East 95 Street

Upon entering the 1916 landmarked Carhart Mansion at 95th Street and 5th Avenue, one is awestruck by the immense origi-nal marble grand foyer. This 10,350 square foot duplex begins on the Parlor Level (etage noble) which is reached by either the private elevator landing or ascending the sweeping staircase one floor to its Reception Hall …

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An American Sartorial Story, Ralph Lauren Purple Label

An American Sartorial Story, Ralph Lauren Purple Label Destinations for timeless classics and seasonal collections. Ralph Lauren, like many great american brands, evolved while staying true to their roots. Ralph’s iconic “Polo” line evokes thoughts of Ivy League, or Hamptons prep, yet remains undeniably American West. Nantucket meets Telluride. With the commercial success of Polo, …

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Ralph Lauren Sobriety

Ralph Lauren made wardrobing collections of elegant clothes tailored to his clients’ circumscribed day-to-day activities. As working from home gave way to scheduled returns-to-office, neutral cashmere layers were replaced by crisp suits in a vivid palette of orange, green, and navy. This collection, in contrast, seems driven by Lauren’s cravings for wanderlust and adventure, which …

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An Embodiment of Today’s Man

Prada’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign featuring Tom Holland as “himself” in the lens of David Sims is an embodiment of today’s Prada man a rich internal life informing his outer projection of self. These images cement minute actions and reactions, close and gentle moments the rapport between garment and body, gestures of dressingvand undressing alive within …

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Prada Spring Summer 2022

Prada show was our first chance to see Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’s work on the runway IRL. Their collaboration began just as the pandemic descended, and with only videos to tell the story, it could feel at times like the project was in its beta phase. Eighteen months later, with vaccines reopening the world, …

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Jacob & Co. Launches NFT Collection Of Digital And Physical Watches Inspired By The Metaverse

Jacob & Co. is reentering the digital space with the launch of a new NFT and physical watch collection that takes full advantage of the metaverse. The collection, “Astronomia Metaverso,” was created in partnership with UNXD, an NFT marketplace for luxury and culture. Appropriately, the collection builds upon Jacob & Co.’s storied Astronomia line, with …

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The Power to Thrill

Out of darkness, rises Black Badge. The most thrilling incarnation of Rolls-Royce delivers a driving experience that is alive with potential. Enhanced in expression. Beyond this world.NEDCcorr (combined): CO2 emission: 367 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.5 mpg / 16.1 l/100km*. WLTP (combined): CO2 emission: 365-370 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.4-17.2 mpg / 16.2-16.4 l/100km. The fuel efficiency …

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Wind, Noise and more

Evolving from one of Ferrari’s earliest four-cylinder engines, Ferrari’s straight-six, starting with the Type 114, eventually led to the potent 121 LM. With a rather hefty displacement of 4,412cc, this provided much more horsepower and torque than its predecessors. Fitted with three side-draft Weber carburetors, the engine produced a hearty 360 bhp. These were not …

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