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Monday, 20th May 2024

The World Ultra Wealth Report 2017 states that in 2016 there are nearly 16 millions of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) globally, of which over 226.000 are the so defined Ultra High Net Worth individuals (UHNWI), and that this phenomenon is globally increasing by 3,5% compared to the previous year.

The UHNWI are those persons with 30m dollars or more in net worth.

No need to say how this target segment can be interesting for all companies producing and marketing high end luxury products. But even more interesting is to investigate the habits of people belonging to this group, as they are not simply luxury goods consumers.

Being unique and the same only to themselves, is one of the reference values of this category of people: a prestigious brand can attract their attention, but also a unique, tailor-made object, of an exquisite craftsmanship is able to arouse their interest.

This and other characteristics of the world of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals are analyzed during the “Forum – Osservatorio Ricchezza”. This event organized by Wealth-x and Mercurion, focuses on areas with a more significant increase in the number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, often far away from Europe, highlighting their different cultures and consuming habits, discovering their age, professionality, investigating the type and origin of their wealth, going far beyond old sterotypes.

The Forum and the data contained in the report elaborated by Wealth-X, available for the first time in Italy, are an important source of information and stimulus businesswise: the private banking and the asset management sectors, luxury and fashion “Maisons”, hotel chains, interior design and furniture industries and art galleries professionals .

Mercurion, a Swiss based company with a branch office in Milan, is specialized in strategic and commercial advisory and improvement of commercial and relational databases.

Wealth-X, spanning over four continents, with 10 branch offices and 180 professional researchers is the most authoritative source of Wealth Intelligence in the world.

Mercurion wit its Survey&Crm division, is Professional Partner of Wealth-X with activities concentrated in Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco and Germany, in the furniture, design, real estate, luxury, art and yachting sectors. Thanks to this partnership, the two companies are able to develop a professional support finalized to the creation of interaction among their clients and partners all belonging to the high-end sector, who are interested to target high profile customers.

The September 13th Forum – by personal invitation only – is the first of a series of appointments scheduled in late 2017 and 2018.

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